Thursday, 27 August 2015

latest news on nigeria|MAY D almost shot for riding hoverboard at Shoprite mall.

I was almost shot for riding hoverboard at Ikeja Mall

Might D got more than he anticipated when he rode a hoverboard at the famous Ikeja Mall amid the week. As indicated by the tormented vocalist who took to Twitter to vent his resentment, in a progression of tweets, he clarified that poisonous gas was additionally utilized on him as a part of the procedure.
In his words, "'I'm going to sue Ikeja City Mall for utilizing nerve gas on me only in light of the fact that I was riding my hover-board. I must get to the buttom (sic) of this I swear… I'm not going to stay silent on this… drew out a weapon to shoot me for what? At any rate, they will say we're in naija and nothing will happen; no big surprise peeps don't care for terrain.
They utilized nerve gas on me and attacked me; even verging on shot me only for utilizing my hover-board at Shoprite… what ignorant people. This thing is truly puzzling me, on the grounds that don't they comprehend what it is?"

What's more, toward the end, they beseech me to stay silent and not say anything… in the wake of humiliating, striking and undermining to murder me only as a result of a hover-board… I don't care for talking yet they took this too far this time.


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