Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Gospel Musician Ohemaa Jacky Allegedly Does Ashawo In Turkey – todays news in nigeria

Gospel Musician Ohemaa Jacky Allegedly Does Ashawo In Turkey – todays news in nigeria

A lady identified as Afia Linking has claimed Ghanaian UK based gospel musician Ohemaa Jacky is a ‘certified’ ashawo (slut) in Turkey who also creates confusion between the men she sleeps with and their bona fide girls.
In an emotional laden interview with MY FM based in Koforidua, Afia said there’s no Satan anywhere because Ohemaa Jacky is the real devil in human flesh.
Afia says when she recounts all the help and benevolence she extended to Ohemaa Jacky only to be stabbed in the back, it drives her nuts.
Here’s her full account:
I took Ohemaa Jacky into my house in Turkey after a pastor friend of mine in America called me to assist her because she was stranded in Turkey. I took her in and i even gave her my bed to sleep on. We became four in the room, it was me, my boyfriend and my brother in-law.’
‘One day my brother in-law messaged me when i was in town that ‘I have finish her ooooo’ so i was confused with the message but all that meant was he has slept with Ohemaa Jacky’, she said.
She also added that; ‘After sleeping with my boyfriend’s brother she started creating confusion between my boyfriend and i. When we talk about something then she will go and tell my boyfriend a different thing.
Later some girls she made friends with also complained that she has slept with their boyfriends creating confusion in their relationships. She was later telling people that I practice prostitution.’
I know some of the men she has been sleeping with them in Turkey of which she comes back to Turkey to sleep with them.’


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