Friday, 6 December 2019

Nigerians React to Buhari, DSS' Sowore harassment ⋆

Nigerians React to Buhari, DSS' Sowore harassment ⋆

Nigerians are reacting in disbelief and shock as the impunity of the Muhammadu Buhari administration and his Department of State Security has reached new highs, dragging the country’s conscience to a new low.

Earlier today, political activist and civil rights campaigner, Omoyele Sowore, was illegally rearrested and manhandled by men of the DSS, in defiance of a Federal High Court order compelling his release.

Taking to social media to air their views on the matter, many Nigerians expressed displeasure over President Buhari’s continuous disobedience to court orders and flagrant violation of civil rights.

Qween098 said

Shame Shame Shame.

infohenry said

This is really shameful, what exactly did this guy do. Buhari should not allow this guy case end his government.

ursullalinda said

What exactly does Bubu think he is doing…..this is wrong in all ramfication……and doesn’t portray us well to the world……Ahhh

abangam said

We now have a huge monster at hand, this is sad. The CJN needs to grow some balls and declare indefinite strike for the Judiciary till Sowore is released and also compel the Legislators to review the laws creating DSS. This no longer Democracy, PMB just dey disappoint some of us that believed in him, this pure evil and abuse of presidential Powers.

Jakpon said

If you are between the age of 20 – 50 and you are still in Nigeria, start planning on how to get a visa in other to get out of the country. It’s never too late, get a visa and leave the country now !!

Renforce said

Such show of shame isn’t really unprecedented under Bubu per say but it is a whole new low. Kudos to the ruggedness of the lawyers on ground, even the DSS official got tired of the assignment. At least he will go down in history as the puppet used by the tyrannical government of the day.
I really don’t like sowore but this has gone beyond personal that. Woe on anyone that’s lauding these demons and flesh eaters.. Woe!

Emperorkpee said

Nigeria is the new headquarters of world’s comedy central. Dramas everywhere. Imagine the height of lawlessness in the Court of Law. What a country, what a president.

Nextpresido said


A dictator will forever remain a dictator


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