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Almajirai relocating from North TO South East, South South blocked against covid 19 pandemic

South East, South block almajirai moving from North

The Enugu State  government the other day obstructed and reversed 9 bus loads of almajirai following a failed effort to slip them into the state.

Dislodged from the North, as governors in the region moved urgently to consist of the COVID-19 pandemic, reports of the pupils looking for brand-new havens in the South have been prevalent.

Security operatives alongside council chairmen and youths stopped about 3 hundred of the pupils around the Enugu-Benue limits, especially at Udenu, Igbo-Eze North and Nsuka Local Federal Government Area.

Abia State had on Tuesday said it intercepted some buses bringing in about 100 almajirai into the state. The Commissioner for Info John Okiyi said the travellers were turned back due to the fact that a governmental order prohibiting inter-state transport was still in force. He added that the state’s Ministry of Homeland Affairs had actually been mobilised to beef up security at the limits.

President Muhammadu Buhari had actually recently enforced a restriction on inter-state journeys to suppress the spread of the coronavirus. The order had also corresponded with the moving of almajirai by numerous Northern states.

A statement by the Enugu State government yesterday disclosed that comparable operations targeted at avoiding seepage and implementing the restriction on inter-state transportation were ongoing at the Enugu-Abia limit and Enugu-Port Harcourt Expressway.

Mr. Philip Nwazi, who is the new Divisional Law enforcement officer in charge of Udenu City government Council, explained that some upseting vehicles in the area were obstructed and impounded between 11:00 p.m. (Tuesday) and 3:00 a.m. (Wednesday).
Nwazi said some of the intercepted cars had emerged from forests as their chauffeurs tried to beat the constraint order.He stated they were immediately reversed to work as a deterrent to potential violators.

The Chairman of Udenu Council Solomon Onah said the regional administration was fully mobilised and working round the clock to ensure that the limitations by the state and Federal government were adhered to.Also, the Cross River State government the other day apparently turned back 5 truckloads of almajirai and other passengers from the North.
State Security Adviser Alfred Mboto was priced quote as saying:  We got a report from our security and job force teams at the Garkem border town the other day night that trucks bring a large number of children from the north, alleged to be almajirai, were intercepted after an extensive check and have actually been reversed.”

 In a circumstance underscoring the desperation to transfer the almajirai from the North, the Benue State’s COVID-19 Action Committee Wednesday night intercepted 14 almajirai who were presumably being smuggled into the state.

Reacting to the movement of almajirai to the South, the apex Igbo socio-cultural organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, urged governors of the region to boost security at their boundaries to prevent entry by unauthorised individuals.
Deputy National Promotion Secretary Mazi Chucks Ibegbu explained the scenario as an effort to flood some Igbo states with almajirai. He firmly insisted:The Satanic act needs to not be enabled.”
In a declaration, Emma Powerful, spokesman for Igbo group, Indigenous Individuals of Biafra (IPOB) said: It is no longer concealed that COVID-19 is currently damaging Kano and other parts of the North. Rather of locking down to stem the spread as was done by all states in the East, Northern leaders opened their borders and enabled the free motion of their individuals, numerous of who have actually become contaminated with the infection. 

Now, they mean to contaminate the rest of us under the guise of transferring almajirai. We won’t permit this evil plot as no almajiri is from the East.”Another Igbo organisation, South East Revival Group (SERG), said:  An overall lockdown of eastern borders is necessary to prevent needless deaths in the area because we are at war with an international pandemic that has continued to declare lives in thousands in nations with advanced health systems and facilities.”

Attending to an interview yesterday, SERG President Chief Willy Ezugwu stated:  There have actually been several reports of inter-state taking a trip from the North. A trailer-load of almajirai was obstructed in Abia State recently while another trailer and some buses filled with the very same almajirai were also intercepted by watchfulness community leaders at Opi in Nsukka two days earlier.

They pass through Kogi and Benue States undetected by security agents. Some security agencies in the region, like in numerous highways in Nigeria, take allurements to allow these buses and trailers to pass, contrary to a Federal government directive.”
He added: It is yet to be identified why these almajirai are trooping into the South East. But we suspect that it is either they are running away the North because of the increasing cases (of COVID-19) or they are being intentionally sent to the South East to contaminate the individuals of the region.”

However reacting to concerns about cops operations as busloads of almajirai pass, Force Public Relations Officer DCP Frank Mba stated:
We have circumstances where a couple of recalcitrant persons have attempted to break the law. But the advantage is that we have constantly overtaken them at the end of the day. The majority of the persons who set out to break the guideline don't drive through the major roads.. They go through uncharted paths. They go through bush paths. But whenever they lastly turn to the major highways, we always detain them.”

He added: We have actually done outstandingly well in our efforts to enforce the restriction on inter-state motion. However, at a few monitored inter-state highways, you will certainly see some lorries moving. The bulk of the automobiles you see plying the inter-state highways are those that fall within the categories of vehicles allowed on those roadways.”

 Mba s assurances came as the Presidential Job Force (PTF) on COVID-19 the other day grumbled about lapses in implementing restrictions targeted at containing the pandemic.
We prompt the numerous commands of the security firms to boost their tracking equipment to guarantee that we do not only achieve the goal of stopping the spread of the infection but likewise prevent the excellent name of the services from being tainted, said PTF chairman and Secretary to the Federal Government of the Federation, Manager Mustapha.

Reports throughout the country show that they (vehicles) continue to conceal guests with the intention of ferrying them throughout state borders and continual transportation of almajirai across state borders is still evident, he included.
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