Thursday, 7 May 2020

Ghana to receive Madagascar’s coronavirus ‘herbal cure’

Ghana to get Madagascar’s coronavirus  herbal treatment

coronavirus  herbal treatment; Ghana is to receive quantities of Madagascar covid 19 herbal cure

 it's highly advertised Covid-19 treatment Ghana is to get quantities of Madagascar's highly advertised Covid-19 remedy and preventative herbal mixture, the Ghana Health Service has actually revealed.
According to Director of Public Health at the Ghana Helth Service Dr
Badu Sarkodie, Madagascar has made an offer to Ghana worrying the organic service but the FDA will have to evaluate the item. Regarding whether the remedy will be circulated for usage, Dr. Sarkodie stated he might not confirm. Countries like South Africa have begun taking a look at the drug for possible usage.

Dr Sarkodie stated at a Ministry of Details press briefing on Covid-19 on Thursday  I think that an amount may be offered to the nation and we will ensure partnership with FDA. They need to do some assessment and then we take it from there. So, I will not have the ability to say whether it will be utilized” “or not. However I believe they have actually made an offer and we can have a look at it, 
On the other hand, the WHO has dismissed the Madagascar” president's claims that the herbal tonic produced within the nation can cure patients of COVID-19. Other African nations such as Tanzania and Guinea-Bissau have made plans to import the tonic, which includes the artemisia plant, which is generally utilized to treat malaria.


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