Friday, 8 May 2020

Kelvin Ikeduba: God doesn’t recognise Nigeria as country

Kelvin Ikeduba: God doesn’t recognize Nigeria as nation

Kelvin Ikeduba, a Nollywood star, states God does not acknowledge Nigeria as a country.
In a viral clip on social networks, the 43-year-old film star can be seen comparing Nigeria to China in regards to advancement and spiritual demographics while questioning the African nation’s top priorities.
Ikeduba likewise criticised Nigeria for having numerous wealthy spiritual leaders yet absolutely nothing to reveal for it.
 Look, estimate me anywhere. God left Nigeria a long time earlier. Don’t get me wrongly, the Igbo star can be heard stating in a Instagram live.
God does not recognize Nigeria as a nation, God recognizes the people. a long time earlier. We have the richest pastors and alfas on the planet.

 If I pray to God now, he addresses me. I don’t know about you. However Nigeria as a country God left a very long time earlier. We have the biggest pastors an churches in the world. Let’s stop deceiving ourselves.

We have the wealthiest alphas, malams, and pastors in the world. We’re the only nation that goes to church Monday to Monday, and to mosque Friday to Friday. We’re the ones for fasting, vigils.
 Yet, look at our country. Ask yourself, who have we been praying to? Mondays when some others are hustling to work, some Nigerians are rushing to church, even in the COVID-19 lockdown.
China, one of the fastest establishing countries on the planet, has just one percent of its population as Christians. Others are people who wear’t think in God. Yet see how their nation is establishing.”
Ikeduba's comments followed Lanre Dabiri, an artist and entrepreneur much better referred to as Eldee, had actually opened up on why he ditched his growing career in Nigeria for the US.

A deeper understanding of the source of Nigeria’s issues offered the clearness I required. I figured that Nigeria is too far opted for the kind of redemption that I was personally seeking, he had composed.
 I' m really sad about this. Never stop defending a better life. Leaving Nigeria is one of the many choices you have however it shouldn’t be the only choice you pursue.”


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